Our brand has a story deeply rooted in a remarkable family tradition spanning three generations of pilots.

Embark on a journey intertwined with the legacy that defines us: a legacy that began with our pioneering grandfather, the first aviator in the family. His indelible mark on aviation was tragically cut short in a DC-3 accident, yet his spirit ignited a passion that resonates today.

Years later, this legacy extended its wings to encompass, sons and nephews, a close-knit cohort raised beneath the aviation umbrella. Their collective upbringing forged not just a shared hobby, but a mindset and professional dedication influenced by the profound essence of flight.

Discover the depth of our aviation heritage as it intertwines with innovation, infusing every product we offer with the spirit of those who soared before us.

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Original aviation lifestyle products

Fluganflug® has just started his landing. Each product is original and limited.

Be part of this community.
Give to your fanatical better half, kids, friends and family a little piece of aviation.

*only in Spain and Portugal, by now

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The Grandpa Pilot

Miguel, the pioneer. He sparked aviation fervor in over ten of his kin, creating a lasting legacy of aviators within his own family.

Regardless of whether his sons or nephews were engineers, designers, or pilots, they all convened over breakfast to exchange ideas and tales of flights and aircraft. The aroma of aviation fuel and the symphony of propeller sounds composed their daily ambiance.

«Fluganflug» is a compound German term, combining «Flug» (flight) and «Anflug» (approach). It refers to the phase when an aircraft is approaching a landing, completing its flight path.